Zcal vs Cabinet.fm 🔥The Best 📅 Scheduling Apps and Booking for individuals and 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏽 teams in 2022 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review.
Illia Martyn

Zcal is a free but extremely simplified online meeting scheduler with limited functionality.

Biggest inconvenience:

  • There are no integrations with video services in Zcal.  Online meetings will have to be created manually using Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom 

  • You can only create 1 on 1 meetings;

  • You can not accept money through the platform;

All the above - is a basic functionality for an individual specialist, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t exist at Zcal.

Cabinet.fm is an online assistant for those who want to work productively and not waste time on organizational issues.

In addition to the ability to create group meetings, accept payments for your consultations, and automatically create a link to a meeting, there are other free features in Cabinet.fm that are not available on the Zcal platform:

  • additional advanced features for the personal page;

  • automatic reviews collection after each event;

  • displaying reviews on the landing page can be customized at your discretion;

  • creation of automated workflows;

  • setting up email notifications and reminders;

  • overbooking is an addition to Round Robin, where you can sign up several people for one meeting and not be afraid that the participant will be left without a meeting;

  • WhatsApp notifications;

  • SMS notifications;

  • website booking widget;

  • redirection of invitees after booking.


Cabinet.fm has the ability to connect to the Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel analytics services in order to analyze visits to a personal page. Zcal cannot boast of this.

For a more detailed analysis, you can check out the Zcal and Cabinet.fm platform comparison table.


Compare Cabinet.fm

Create unlimited one-on-one events
For free
For free
Create group events
For free
Collect payments with Stripe and PayPal
Only Stripe
Connect to Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom web conferencing
Only Zoom and Google Meet
Connect to Google, Office 365, Outlook, and iCloud calendars
Google calendar
Google Calendar, Microsoft Office
Calendar connections per person
For free
Collect reviews from client to your personal page after the meeting
For free
Hide and manage your reviews after collectiion
Automated event notifications
For free
For free
Whatsapp notifications
Create automated workflows
Customize email notifications and reminders
Customize your booking link
Themes, external links, social media buttons, bio
Remove scheduling branding
For free
Confrim booking by SMS
Redirect your invitees after booking
Add booking widget to your website
For free
Customize colors when you add widget to your website
For free
For free
Track with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
For free
Track Google Analytics goals
Get custom integrations with webhooks
For free
View metrics and reporting
Create collective event types: one-to-one, round robin, group events
Create Routing Forms
Integrate Gmail and Outlook for workflows
Help center access
For free
For free
Member support via email (12 hours SLA)
For free
For free
Live chat support


Cabinet.fm offer for individual experts

Spend less time and sell more consultations and trainings on social media.

The booking page is optimized for Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and mobile phones.

Automatic collection of reviews will help add credibility to your landing page and increase sales. You control which reviews to publish.

Cabinet.fm offer for teams

Sell ​​more without expanding personnel.

The account allows you to create round robin meetings with overbooking, where each expert of your team will receive several people for one time slot.

Thus, if the client forgets about the meeting and does not come, the employee will not be left without work.

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